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New innovation showcase 2022

Geek+ “Automated Warehouse Transport Robot” with ‘AI’ by Eureka

See you at our special zone 'Innovation Showcase' – where Eureka will introduce the cutting-edge innovation "Geek+", an unmanned automated warehouse delivery robots (AGV) to entrepreneurs in the logistics industry. Geek+ has various applications including Picking System that enables moving heavy shelves with speed, convenience and precision. It also has Sorting System and Moving System, all of which use AI to help continuously transport and unload goods from the production line to the warehouse.

Let's take a look at some of the standout features of this innovation.

  • Geek+ is available in various sizes and can support up to 1000 kg, so it can be used in various industries.
  • The robot is controllable with IWMS software that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to work and transmits signals via WiFi to connect with software and computer systems.
  • It can support a large number of orders up to 500 units/hour/station.
  • The main power source is the battery with fast charging system.

This is definitely an intelligent logistics solution for manufacturing industries, warehouses, logistics distribution centers, and other relevant industries. Don’t miss the chance to see the amazing technology of unmanned automated warehouse delivery robots up close at this zone!!

Some of last edition’s activities included:

A myriad of intralogistics technologies, solutions, and logistics service providers from over 415 brands from 25 countries on display.

Discover a secret of success shared by leading logistics service providers who received Excellent Logistics Management Award (ELMA)

“Innovation Showcase” will demonstrate an urban drone technology presented by Fling, a leading drone experts. The demonstration will introduce the power of drone technology for improving security and efficiency in product delivery.

“Logistics Startup Pavilion” A cluster of Logistics Startup Companies where unprecedented innovations will be presented, paving the way for new possibilities of logistics and your business strategies.

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