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A Platform of Logistics Connectivity to Deliver Your Business from ASEAN to the World.

Logistics is an important foundation for modern day business, because the well-managed and wide-reaching logistics network will enable smooth business operation as well as saving cost and time. Every entrepreneur and industrialist realize the significance of relationship with good logistics providers, along with investment in advanced technologies such as Internet of Things, automation and others to improve efficiency of their logistics to the international standard.

Therefore, TILOG-LOGISTIX 2019 has been organized under the theme of “ASEAN Logistics Solutions: Transformation and Collaboration for Tomorrow” will provide a leading platform of Logistics Trade Synergy to support manufacturing industries and help promote trade between Thailand and ASEAN countries.

We focus on the transformation and collaboration of all sectors for the future of logistics industry. You can expect unprecedented opportunities through our wide-ranging networks of entrepreneur and industrialists from food & beverage, automotive, cosmetics and personal care, as well as electronics. Moreover, we will be supporting the rapidly growing of e-commerce in the digital era.

Business Matching

Meet the Right Partner with Business Matching

Discover potential business partner through our matching service which is not limited to just logistics service providers. TILOG-LOGISTIX is driven by partnership with a variety of S-Curve industrialists including Robotic- Automation System SI-AI, Smart Automotive, Electronic-Electrical, Food – Packaging to Logistics Service Partner.

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